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Spring Clean Your Treatment Menu

Although there are no buds on the trees just yet, I can feel in the air that spring is on its way! It might just be my wishful thinking, but I’m sure it’s staying lighter a bit later each day, it’s still cold, but it’s not quite as dreary, and Easter is almost in sight! […]

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Maximise Your Mother’s Day!

In my opinion, mums are the hardest working people in the world (being a mum myself I know!). You don’t get a day off, your children are always on your mind however old they are, and you spend your time doing everything you can for them. So having a day when we all say a […]

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Why March is the Perfect Time for Training!

I think Continuing Professional Development is such an important part of a therapist’s job. You’ve worked so hard to get your qualifications and a job in a fabulous spa or salon (if you’re lucky enough you may even have your own beauty business), but there is always something new to learn! However it can be […]

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