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With wedding season in full swing, we understand that your clients want to look incredible on their wedding day. We absolutely adored Meghan Markle’s falwess, glowing skin on her wedding day which is absolutely perfect for any bride on her wedding day. Achieving any bridal beauty look starts with a flawless base, and that’s exactly what AmazingCosmetics are experts in; giving complete coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes. Here are the must-haves for creating any bridal look: 

Shower Caps have come a long way. Gone are the days of a shower cap being a ‘plastic cap worn in the shower to keep the hair dry’! These days, shower caps have been redefined from the traditional, flimsy, unsightly accessory and are now being praised as a ‘must-have’ hair accessory! And rightly so! With the cost and time that goes into blow dries, straightening, and hair treatments, it’s no surprise that more and more women are using shower caps to

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