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All Caps – The Cap that does it all

Shower caps have come a long way. Gone are the days of a shower cap being a ‘plastic cap worn in the shower to keep the hair dry’! These days, shower caps have been redefined from the traditional, flimsy, unsightly accessory and are now being praised as a ‘must-have’ hair accessory! And rightly so!

With the cost and time that goes into blow dries, straightening, and hair treatments, it’s no surprise that more and more women are using shower caps to fend off humidity, pro-long their blow dry and give their hair the protection it deserves. And on that note, let us introduce you to All Caps.  

So much more than just a shower cap, All Caps is loaded with all the extra benefits that many of the other shower caps simply don’t have. And with all the benefits it has to offer, it’s well worth the investment! Here’s just some of the benefits that come with All Caps:

·         Deliberately crafted to be delicate on the hair and accommodating to all styles and types (especially for those who have serious BIG hair).

·         The cap features easy stretch cords and toggles, so it’s super comfortable. This means no forehead imprints too. Yes please! 

·         With a soft and smooth interior, your hair will be protected and preserved; preventing it from going flat and keeping it frizz-free too.

·         The outside is soft, hypo-allergenic and made of waterproof PUL fabric; essential for masking treatments, helps protect bedding and keeps hair in tip-top condition.  

And it doesn’t end there. We’re big advocates for skipping the daily hair wash; believing this is far healthier for the hair too. Sleeping and showering in your cap will help preserve your pretty do, not forgetting the obvious time-saving benefit!

So if you or your clients are fed up waking up to frizzy, fragile hair and you want to give your hair the ultimate protection (from pretty much everything), look no further than All Caps.

Available to purchase now in 4 gorgeous colours: Aqua, Pink, Purple & Black, All Caps will protect hair, prevent breakage, fight frizz and pro-long your blow dry!

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