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Bridal Beauty with Amazing Cosmetics

With wedding season in full swing, we understand that your clients want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day.

Achieving any bridal beauty look starts with a flawless base, and that’s what Amazing Cosmetics are experts in; giving complete coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes. Here are the must-haves for creating any bridal look:  


We recommend starting with the Illuminate Primer & Highlighter. This Primer will help keep oil at bay, holds onto make-up and gives the skin the most amazing and natural glow!

Available in three shades: Rose, Bronze & Glow; these highlighters can be worn alone for a sheer glow or as a highlighter for extra definition.

Expert tip: Use as a highlighter décolleté to attract attention to a naturally beautiful structure.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer & Highlighter Rose



Amazing Cosmetics are firm believers in giving a flawless coverage but also making sure it’s beautiful skin we see, not just a mask of foundation or concealer. Using highly pigmented formulas will mean you and your clients use less product; taking care of imperfections while staying undetectable.

Amazing Concealer is perfect for all brides; with only a tiny amount needed to erase any imperfection, from dark circles to that unwanted morning blemish. The long-wearing, water resistant formula melts into the skin taking on the own skin’s texture, giving the most naturally flawless appearance.

Expert tip: We always recommend the dot, blend and repeat steps to ensure a flawless application.

Amazing Concealer - Dark Beige


Keep shine at bay and keep make-up lasting all day with the Velvet Mineral Powder. Make sure that you go easy on the setting powder to avoid the skin looking too dry and cakey.

Expert tip: Using a blusher sized brush, lightly dust the t-zone, eyelids (to avoid eyeshadow creasing). and with the tiny amount left on the brush, dust over the rest of your face.Velvet Mineral Powderset

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