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Wedding Season Tips for Salons and Spas

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Whatever size the wedding party, whatever the location, whatever the date, there is one thing about weddings which is unlikely to change…the happy couple wanting to look their best!
With photos and videos being par for the course in everyday life, it’s inevitable that all lenses will be on them, and they will no doubt want to look back at the pictures of the day and smile, not think “My make-up was awful” or “My tan was so orange!”. Which is why many people are now turning to the professionals to make them look A-list for their big (or small) day.
So here are my 3 top wedding season tips for making sure you are maximising what should be a busy time:

1. Advise on Timings
A visit to the spa or salon, other than for a regular haircut, is still a treat for a lot of people. Being in the industry and loving everything beauty, we sometimes forget that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to spend hours of their free time being pampered, scrubbed, tanned, painted and blow dried.
So many clients may not realise the timings by which to space out any treatments, and when they are best done in the run up to the wedding day itself. If a client lets you know they are booking for their wedding, advise trials for everything at least a month beforehand, and explain the timings around things like waxing, tanning and facials. This will avoid any last minute mishaps, and allow them to fit in everything they want to have done.

2. It’s Not Just About the Bride
Ok, so it’s mostly about the bride when it comes to beauty! But don’t forget about the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom, they all want to look fabulous too! And bridesmaids can be especially important if the bride wants them all to have their hair, nails and tan done in a similar way. If a bride wants to book a whole group in advance then do your best to accommodate, it’s a lot of guaranteed appointments. You can offer group booking discounts and make it extra special for them by offering some sparkling wine and refreshments. If the rest of the spa/salon is empty put their favourite tunes on! Even better, allow the place to be booked out, (but set a minimum spend for the group making sure you have your staff costs covered), or open extra hours to accommodate their timings. Remember, everyone coming in is a potential new client.

3. It Doesn’t End on the Wedding Day
Some people have a break before the honeymoon, so speak to your brides and see if they want to pop in to have any treatments before they jet off. Maybe a new, brighter mani/pedi (as many women go for a classic nail look for their wedding), a relaxing facial or a fresh set of eyelashes could be just what they need to feel fabulous on their travels. You could even help them combat the post-wedding blues by offering a discounted Xen-Tan spray tan when they return, to help keep their holiday glow!

Until Next Time!