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Prepare Yourself for the Summer Rush

Summer Rush
Everybody looks forward to their summer holiday, two weeks in the sun (if you’re lucky!) and a break away from work. The only hitch being in the beauty industry is, that everyone want to get beach ready, fast, and they need your help! Your appointment books will be filled with spray tans, waxing, highlights, gel nails and umpteen pedicures, so how do you juggle this, with your own staff having time off during the summer too?
Here are 3 great tips to help prepare for the busy summer rush:

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Putting Together Prom Beauty Packages

prom-makeupOK, so whether or not you agree with it, the all American prom has definitely arrived this side of the pond! It has become an end of year ritual for many schools in the UK over the past few years, and is a highlight in the calendar for so many young girls. Starting in primary school in some instances, these girls are suddenly under a lot of pressure to look glamorous, with perfectly coiffed hair and flawless make-up. But for many of them, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to properly dress up and get ready like us ladies are used to doing on a daily basis. This is why many of them end up in our salons looking a little lost, unsure and in need of guidance.
Here are my 3 top tips for putting together prom beauty packages which will delight these little ladies (and their mums):

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Creating Effective Salon Promotions

_TGP4648Traditional promotions like giving money off and having treatment packages are a good way to encourage clients to come back more frequently and try new services. But you need to make your promotions stand out from the competition, and think about how you are communicating them, to bring in completely new clients and keep loyal ones constantly coming through the door. And don’t forget, promotions can also involve your salon, not just specific treatments or deals.
Here are my 4 top tips for creating bespoke, effective salon promotions:

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Top Tanning Tips for Wedding Season

NR wedding tips
With the end of spring approaching, wedding season is almost upon us! We are about to enter the busiest time of year for weddings (and with nicer weather and longer days, wouldn’t you!) which means a sudden influx of new clients wanting to look their best for their big day.
This is fantastic, and gives us all plenty of opportunities to expand our client base. Many of these clients will be wanting treatments which they haven’t had before (or at least, not had professionally), so they will be relying on you as the expert, to advise on what’s best for them, their skin, their sensitivities and how to get the outcome they want. This is why we’ve put together all of our top tanning tips for wedding season, to help you help your clients get the result they want:

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