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AmazingCosmetics® – The Perfect Bridal Make-Up

AC wedding make up
If there’s one day in a woman’s life when she just HAS to look her best, it’s her wedding day. It’s the day she’s probably thought about and planned for months, if not years (or since she was a little girl), so doing a brides make-up is a very special, but sometimes stressful job. There a lot of expectations on how she wants to look, and as a professional, it’s your job to make it happen. Which is where AmazingCosmetics® comes in.

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Back to Basics with Xen-Tan: Exfoliators

This week we have another guest blog from our premium sunless tanning brand Xen-Tan!

Back to Basics : Exfoliators
Exfoliating (and moisturising) is the best way to keep skin looking smooth and feeling soft from head to toe, all year long.

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Tanning Tips for Ladies Day

This week we have another guest blog from our premium sunless tanning brand Xen-Tan!
Everyone loves getting pampered and dressed-up for a girls day at the races, usually the more extravagant the outfit and the higher the heels, the better! And what better to set off your client’s carefully chosen outfit, than a stunning golden glow. Here are our 3 top tanning tips for making sure your clients have a winning look:

Ladies day at Doncaster

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Increase Your Odds of Winning on Ladies Day

the racesWho doesn’t love getting pampered and dressed-up for a day at the races with the girls! Everyone make so much effort with their outfit and it’s one of the few times you are encouraged to wear a fabulous hat to set off your whole ensemble! So it’s only natural that people want to make themselves look and feel as good as possible with a trip to the salon or spa before their day out!
Here are my 3 top tips for making sure you have full appointment books during the race season:

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Spring Clean Your Treatment Menu

Although there are no buds on the trees just yet, I can feel in the air that spring is on its way! It might just be my wishful thinking, but I’m sure it’s staying lighter a bit later each day, it’s still cold, but it’s not quite as dreary, and Easter is almost in sight! It’s a perfect time of year to spring clean your treatment menu (see what I did there?), and show clients how to keep looking their best throughout the season.
Here are my 3 top tips to update your treatment menu for spring:

1. Introduce Key SS16 Beauty Trends
Keep your treatment menu on trend and subtly bring in inspiration from the SS16 Fashion Shows. Key looks featured were colourful make-up, beautiful eyes, long hair and buzzcuts. This will be really easy to incorporate into your treatment menu as all fashion and beauty pieces for SS16 will be taking inspiration from the same place, meaning it will be no problem to get your hands on a striking blue eye shadow (trust me on this one)!
You could introduce colourful eye make-up (ala Phillip Lim, Lanvin and Diane Von Furstenberg) to any fast beauty or make-up treatments. Or even better, hold masterclasses to show clients how to wear the look they’ve seen on all the catwalks. A lot of people are understandably scared of stepping out of their comfort zone with make-up, so this is a great opportunity to show them how it’s done.
For some clients an easier daytime look will be all they want, so give them the beautiful eyes look and focus on making the most of their eyes and eyelashes with a set of false lashes, and cream or white tightlining like Elie Saab and Rochas. Make sure you’ve got plenty of retail stock of the products you’re using so they can re-create their new look at home!
An easy re-creation is offering a natural styling for long hair like Balmain and Pacco Rabanne, but would any of your clients be brave enough to get a buzzcut like the models in the Versace show?

2. Offer ‘Spring Cleaning’ Packages
Let’s be honest, some beauty treatments don’t get a lot of love during the winter, so remind clients that spring is on its way with a ‘Spring Cleaning’ package. You could include things like luxury pedicures, a full body exfoliation, and a hair restyle and colour. With the days getting longer and not quite as many layers needed, people start to think about their beauty routine more (no more hiding roots under a bobble hat!) so offering a package which can prep them for spring will be a winner.

3. Put any Christmas Retail Stock Away
If you still have Christmas specific retail items on your shelves now, don’t try to keep discounting them (it’s not great for your tills, and doesn’t look good to customers), pop them away for Christmas 2016. We all know it will come around fast enough!

Happy Spring Cleaning! X

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Maximise Your Mother’s Day!

In my opinion, mums are the hardest working people in the world (being a mum myself I know!). You don’t get a day off, your children are always on your mind however old they are, and you spend your time doing everything you can for them. So having a day when we all say a huge ‘Thank You’ to our mums on Sunday 6th March is really important, especially in the beauty industry (because what better way of saying ‘Thank You’ than giving mum some much needed me-time!).
Here are 3 great tips for offering everything mums might want this Mother’s Day:

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Why March is the Perfect Time for Training!

I think Continuing Professional Development is such an important part of a therapist’s job. You’ve worked so hard to get your qualifications and a job in a fabulous spa or salon (if you’re lucky enough you may even have your own beauty business), but there is always something new to learn! However it can be hard to find the time, so here are my three top reasons why March is the perfect time for training:

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Spring 2016 Beauty Trends

I love spring! So I’m excited that in 2016 we can expect our spring beauty looks and buys to epitomise a classic spring collection, taking inspiration from clear blue skies, the first delicate bluebells and snowdrops, and the freshness of a more natural look after all the glitz and glam of Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Key looks featured in the SS16 Fashion Shows will thankfully be incredibly easy to incorporate into your treatment menu and replicate for clients, as (most!) are very wearable and feminine:

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Xen-Tan Awarded 10 CPD Points for New Manual Tanning Training Course

This week we have another guest blog from our premium sunless tanning brand Xen-Tan!

While spray tanning continues to increase in popularity, many clients are now looking to incorporate a more pampering element to their tanning treatment. So to help salons and spas offer a choice to these clients, Xen-Tan have created a brand new, Guild accredited, Manual Tanning Training Course.

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