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AmazingConcealer®, the Holiday Make-up Must Have

AmazingConcealer® is the go-to concealer of many top make-up artists. They rave about its versatility, lightweight feel and longevity, three very important factors to consider for clients looking for make-up products to use on holiday.
Because let’s face it, everyone’s top priorities for holiday make-up are; being able to travel without their entire make-up collection and having make-up which looks natural but lasts all day without feeling heavy, especially in hotter climates. And bonus points if it’s water resistant and will outlast a day in the pool or at the beach!

The three unique formula highlights which make AmazingConcealer® THE holiday make-up staple:
-Water Resistance. No fading, no disappearing. It won’t come off until you take it off!
-High Pigmentation. It’s 3.5 times more pigmented than traditional concealers. Pin-dot amounts erase most imperfections from blemishes and dark circles to larger skin concerns like rosacea, so complete coverage still feels lightweight.
-Natural Finish. The emollient texture means it acts like a second skin, never settling, creasing or making you look ‘caked’ in make-up.

And top make-up artists agree…
Celena Hancock

“…its texture just melts into the skin… it’s staying power is also second to none…”

Sara Raeburn

“…This miniature size waterproof, highly pigmented, multi purpose concealer is a rescue product for complexion perfection…”

Caroline Barnes

“This is so super flexible and can be used on the t-zones as well as being used to regulate skin tone and hide red patches…”

Independent make-up artists can order a bespoke make-up artists package of AmazingConcealer® containing 10 shades of perfect here.
For salons, spas and independent beauty retailers, as well as those who offer professional make-up services, there is the AmazingConcealer® Professional Starter Package – £499 + VAT. This convenient starter package makes it easy and affordable to stock all of the cult favorites from AmazingCosmetics®, including AmazingConcealer®. The package contains all of the tools needed to ensure a successful retailing experience; training cards, marketing collateral and product samples.
AC Professional Package