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Creating Effective Salon Promotions

_TGP4648Traditional promotions like giving money off and having treatment packages are a good way to encourage clients to come back more frequently and try new services. But you need to make your promotions stand out from the competition, and think about how you are communicating them, to bring in completely new clients and keep loyal ones constantly coming through the door. And don’t forget, promotions can also involve your salon, not just specific treatments or deals.
Here are my 4 top tips for creating bespoke, effective salon promotions:

1. Think Outside Your Salon
Creating promotions which involve third parties outside of your salon, can be a great way to reach a completely new audience. Obviously choosing who, depends on what kind of customers you want to target. Speak to local gyms and weight loss groups about offering reciprocal offers to both of your clients as both are likely conscious of their appearance and so could be a good fit. Maybe you could offer a mini manicure treatment free of charge to anybody who comes in from their recommendation, and they could offer a class or taster session day for free to any of your clients who are interested.
You could also contact local charities, schools and children’s groups about providing products or treatments as a prize for any events they have coming up. Getting involved in the local community not only gives you the warm feeling of giving back, but is an easy way to get some local marketing and promote your brand in front of new customers. Offering treatments or products (bundled nicely in a gift basket with your salon logo on) as a prize for the winner is great, but you could also hold an offer for anyone attending the event, to give them a free retail product when they have a particular treatment to entice them in. Think anything relaxing and ‘me-time’ for charity volunteers, or savings on treatments during the quieter hours at the start of the day for busy mums who’ve just dropped the kids off at school.

2. Timing
Whatever your promotion, think about the time of year, what’s popular and which key seasonal events are happening; weddings, summer holidays, Halloween, Christmas, and if possible, get your promotion to work with it. Having offers on spray tans around the Christmas party season, introducing a new brand of eyelashes for summer holiday prep, and looking at retail product promotions around Mother’s Day, are all relevant seasonal promotions which will draw customers in.

3. What do you do Differently?
Do you have a treatment or brand on offer which none of your local competitors do? Or an award winning therapist, new treatment room, special technique or longer opening hours? Well then, this is your USP, and you should base your promotion around this. No competitors will be able to copy, and it’s a chance to shout about what makes your salon, YOUR salon to prospective customers. Promoting what you do differently is a great way to get people through the door, then you can wow them with everything else you have to offer!

4. Communicate Effectively
This is ensuring effective communication both internally and externally. There’s nothing worse or more disappointing than seeing a great promotion, running into the shop or salon to happily part with your cash, and the staff there knowing nothing about it, so you leave empty handed. But you won’t have eager customers running into your salon unless you effectively communicate about your promotion externally. Catch 22?
Not at all! Start by planning how you will market your promotion. Write down who your target audience is, any what you want your outcomes to be (20 new clients a week, bringing more clients in at your quietest times, £1000 more revenue a month?) and how you can target this specific audience to hit your goal. (see point 1!)
Create a timeline with specific dates and activities, this could be putting posters up in your windows, creating leaflets to hand out, posting out on social media, sending a press release to local papers and confirm dates for any events you’re holding. Anything at all which you need to plan and work on in addition to your normal workload, and anything which your staff will need to know about.
Once your external plan is in place, hold a brief face to face meeting with your team to explain and let them ask any questions, then leave them with a brief ‘cheat sheet’ telling them key dates when the promotion is running, what is it, who is eligible, any exclusions (is it only for new customers, or only on certain treatments at certain times?) and make sure they are fully up to speed on the benefits or USPs of whatever makes up the promotion.

Until Next Time! X