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Prepare Yourself for the Summer Rush

Summer Rush
Everybody looks forward to their summer holiday, two weeks in the sun (if you’re lucky!) and a break away from work. The only hitch being in the beauty industry is, that everyone want to get beach ready, fast, and they need your help! Your appointment books will be filled with spray tans, waxing, highlights, gel nails and umpteen pedicures, so how do you juggle this, with your own staff having time off during the summer too?
Here are 3 great tips to help prepare for the busy summer rush:

1. Keep Customers Front of Mind
Ok so you might usually see 20 customers in a day, but if you have a number of staff off, then don’t stretch yourself and risk customers waiting long periods for a therapist to be free. Look at how many staff you have in each day over the summer period and plan appointments accordingly, some days you may only be able to see 10 customers, but if each has your full attention and amazing customer service, then you’ve got a far better chance of them re-booking and re-visiting, than if you try and squeezed 20 customers in but they are all rushed and mistakes are potentially made. Chances are, your regulars will know when their usual therapist is on holiday anyway, and will book around this!

2. Make Holiday Policies Clear and Agree Time off Well in Advance
Nobody likes being told there are rules around when they can take their annual leave, but employees will understand they are there for a reason. If you have a policy around how many members of staff can be off at one time, make sure this is clear as soon as they start, so staff know to check with their colleagues and you before booking and paying for a holiday.
Lots of staff members will want time off over the school summer holidays, but as long as people are flexible and know they need to request important days in advance, you should be able to get to a rota which suits most people. Set deadlines by which summer holiday time has to be requested, and ideally have your July and August schedule agreed by mid May. Put up a big wall planner for people to write on their holidays as soon as they are approved and remind staff to look there before planning any time off to avoid clashes. This also makes it quick and easy for you to keep track of your whole team’s holidays at a glance.

3. Offer Opportunities for Work Experience
Most colleges will be on their summer break, so lots of students will be looking for ways to get more experience and earn a bit of money during their time off. Why not speak to a local beauty school before they finish (around May) and work with them to arrange for their top performing students to come for an interview with you, with the view to bringing them on to work for you for a few weeks over their holidays. Meeting with them, and agreeing the times they are free means you will know when you have cover and what skills the students have, so you know what kind of jobs they will be able to do when they arrive.

Have Fun!