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Putting Together Prom Beauty Packages

prom-makeupOK, so whether or not you agree with it, the all American prom has definitely arrived this side of the pond! It has become an end of year ritual for many schools in the UK over the past few years, and is a highlight in the calendar for so many young girls. Starting in primary school in some instances, these girls are suddenly under a lot of pressure to look glamorous, with perfectly coiffed hair and flawless make-up. But for many of them, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to properly dress up and get ready like us ladies are used to doing on a daily basis. This is why many of them end up in our salons looking a little lost, unsure and in need of guidance.
Here are my 3 top tips for putting together prom beauty packages which will delight these little ladies (and their mums):

1. Cater for Different Age Brackets
Proms are being held for all ages, from as young as 10 in primary school, to 18 year olds leaving senior school for the last time. There are many treatments which are appropriate for an 18 year old, but you wouldn’t want to offer to youngsters, so create packages suitable for different ages;
10-13 years old – Manicure (file and polish) with Hand massage, Quick make-up look (fun eye shadow, some blusher, lip gloss), Hair curled.
14-16 years old – Manicure (gel polish) with Hand massage, Moderate make-up (colour matched base, eye make-up, blusher, lip gloss), Brow tidy, Blow dry or Updo.
17-18 years old – Manicure (gel polish or acrylic extensions), Spray Tan, Full make-up (colour matched base, eye make-up including eye liner and lash extensions, light contouring, lipstick), Brow tidy, Mini facial, Blow dry or Updo.

2. Saving on Package Bookings
As with most other packages you offer, having a saving on Prom Packages will encourage clients to upgrade from just one or two services, to booking (and spending) much more. It may seem like common sense, but as some of the treatments may be bespoke for younger clients, take this into consideration with what you charge. You probably won’t need to spend as long on make-up etc. Parents have likely already paid out for a dress, shoes, jewellery, a limo and a ticket for the actual prom, so try to be kind to their pockets to ensure they don’t opt to DIY at home instead.

3. Think About Groups
Of course you would love to have groups of girls coming into your salon to get ready for their prom, but you don’t want to disturb other clients with large groups of teenage girls, or make the potential prom queens feel as if they aren’t getting the great service they should expect as paying clients, because there are too many arriving at once.
Why not speak to local schools about when their prom dates are, and hold special group sessions, staggered across the course of the late afternoon/early evening. This will enable everyone to book in advance for the day they need, and ensure they will be the focus of your staff’s time. Allow other clients to book in on these dates, but communicate about the prom bookings so that they can choose to pick a different date if they would prefer.
Having dates set aside for certain schools also means that the girls will feel comfortable coming into your salon, and arranging to bring their friends to all get ready together. Meaning more guaranteed income for you, and a great atmosphere to start their night off!

Until Next Time! X