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Wedding Season Tanning Tips

Wedding Season Tanning Tips

Here comes the Bride!

Ready or not bridal season is fast approaching and, with the average UK couple spending in excess of £20,000 on their special day, wedding tans, hair and makeup can be a very profitable add on to your treatment list.

Promote Yourself

Brides-to-be will be attracted to well-presented websites including stunning before and after pics and excellent client testimonials – word of mouth is crucial to help you grow this sector of your business. Your wedding section needs to look fabulous to inspire trust and confidence in brides, after all this is one of the biggest days of their lives. With the modern bride becoming more digital savvy it is wise to list your services on free online wedding planner sites such as and

Bespoke Advertising

Try targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising. Both are low cost yet effective options that will allow you to target brides in a specific post-code area – just make sure that all areas of your website are mobile friendly first. Entice your audience with a free glass of Prosecco if they book a trial within a given time slot. You won’t need to go down the discount route though; a bride wants to look her best so savings on trials or services may be off-putting.

Bridal Tan Trials

Sunless tanning has come a long way since its original inception in the 1970’s, however no matter how skilled a tan technician you are, you have no way of knowing how a tan will look on a client’s skin unless you have spray tanned them before. So a bridal tan trial is just as essential as a makeup trial. Suggest tanning your bride in time for her hen do, this way she will be nicely tanned for her big night out, and then ask her to text you on the day that she most likes her tan to help you assess when to book in the official wedding day tan. We normally suggest a 3-shower rule for bridal tans to limit the possibility of any product transfer.

Bridal Prep & Aftercare

Proper preparation is key to success in sunless tanning so why not pull together an essential selection of retail for your Bride-to-Be. Include a luxurious non-oil based scrub to ensure thorough dead skin removal and avoid streaks and uneven fade. Another key essential is an oil free moisturiser to keep skin hydrated but not break up the tan and the absolute must-have a luxurious tan extender – the safest way to perfect, enhance and prolong her natural glow for the honeymoon.

The Wedding Tan

The tan trial should have indicated on which day your bride felt her tan looked at its best, but we usually recommend at least 2-3 days before the big day is the best day for the final tan. A good tip to share is to lightly dust skin with talcum powder on any areas where the dress is tight fitted. Book in your brides manicure and pedicure before her tan so that any cuticle oils used don’t affect the result.

To Tantour or not to Tantour?

If you are not familiar with the term, Tantouring is a method of using sunless tanning products to semi-permanently add definition to the face or different areas of the body.

“Contouring your tan on the body is a must if you’ll be showing your arms and shoulders in a strapless gown. An extra layer of product on top of your existing colour should be applied sparingly from the top of the shoulder and dragged under the arms. A trusted mousse from Xen-Tan applied with a tanning mitt helps make this easy and effective”.


Bespoke Tanning

They key to flawless bridal tanning is less is more. No bride wants to look fake tanned for her big day, instead she wants to enhance her natural beauty with a radiant, olive glow. To help ensure this is achieved Xen-Tan solutions and retail products use a high percentage of DHA, which reacts with clients own amino acids to develop into a bespoke, natural looking tan perfect for their individual skin tone.

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