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Top Tanning Tips for Wedding Season

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With the end of spring approaching, wedding season is almost upon us! We are about to enter the busiest time of year for weddings (and with nicer weather and longer days, wouldn’t you!) which means a sudden influx of new clients wanting to look their best for their big day.
This is fantastic, and gives us all plenty of opportunities to expand our client base. Many of these clients will be wanting treatments which they haven’t had before (or at least, not had professionally), so they will be relying on you as the expert, to advise on what’s best for them, their skin, their sensitivities and how to get the outcome they want. This is why we’ve put together all of our top tanning tips for wedding season, to help you help your clients get the result they want:

Trial the tan:
It’s so important for clients to trial the brand and colour of their spray tan before the big day. This will ensure they achieve the depth of colour they want, they will by happy with how it fades, and can take some practice pictures in different lighting to check the colour on camera. If a bride wants any of the bridal party to be tanned, then suggest they have a trial also. Some tanning products can look different on different skin tones and the same tan may not be right for everybody.

Prepare to bare:
Advise all clients getting a self tan treatment that before tanning, exfoliation is a must. This removes the dead skin cells and allows the tan to be applied more evenly, allowing it to ‘bond’ with your client’s skin, resulting in a longer-lasting colour. Remind them to refrain from using any oil and alcohol based products such as deodorant or perfume straight after application, as these can prevent the tan from developing.

Customise their tan:
If your client wants a darker shade, don’t be afraid to customise their colour! Experiment with one or two layers of tan. And if performing a Hand Application treatment, make sure you’ve used different formulations to find out which ones suits different skin tones and types – whether it’s a lotion, mousse, gel or mist can all affect the finished coverage and result. This way you can advise the client on which will give them their desired look.

Timing is Key:
As many clients won’t have had a tanning treatment before, they may not realise that a spray or hand MistIntense_Gallonapplied tan can’t just be applied the night before. So when they book in, advise on timings, and find out if they have anything else planned for the same day, so you can use a product without cosmetic guide colour if necessary (nobody want to go for their final fitting only to get tan all over their dress!). If they’re really pushed for time, use Xen-Tan Mist Ultra, it’s The World’s First Express 30 Minute Spray Tan Treatment, and the guide colour can be rinsed of in just 30 minutes!

Making the most of their tan:
Help clients select the right moisturisers and exfoliators to hydrate skin and keep it smooth and fading evenly after tanning. Oil free products like Xen-Tan Scent Secure and Xen-Tan Fresh Prep Body Scrub are designed to do just that. And if they’re wanting to keep their golden glow for the honeymoon, they advise them to use a gradual tanning product to extend the wear of their tan, Xen-Tan Transform Luxe moisturises and adds a gentle sun kissed depth with each application.

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Happy Tanning! X